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We Have Lift-off!!

Watching a Space Elevator (SE) start it's climb may not be as dramatic as watching a rocket launch but it's exciting to those involved. Similarly this new blog won't fire up a lot of people but I'm happy about it.

In the weird coincidences department today is also the day I received my copy of the book LiftPort: Opening Space To Everyone that I earned by contributing a non-fiction article entitled Return on Investment: How the space elevator will pay for itself.

It's on page 182 and is the first time I've ever seen my name in a book as an author.

The cover art is excellent and I'm in some fine company with the likes of Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Kim Stanley Robinson. I'm excited and humbled.

Let me point out two features to this blog. One is the Space Elevator Search Engine above. It's a Google Co-op Custom Search Engine customised and refined to provide filtered search results about the SE.

The other is the Google™ news feed. It's just some tricked-up javascript crossed with Google News™ but it will deliver fresh headlines every time you come back or hit refresh.

So please, use the search engine, comment on the posts, read the news, suggest story ideas or even join the blog as a team member. My contact info is over in the sidebar.


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