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Space Elevator Documentary Video a work-in-progress

Long time no post. Certain practical realities interrupted the post stream and I just never got back to posting (or, more precisely, the hours of interviews, research, composition, and editing of words, graphics and HTML that precedes a quality post). Until today that is. Hopefully I can find the rhythm again.

The web site of Chicago media company Bitter Jester Creative (BJC) features several short video elements intended as part of a "(a feature-length documentary) [that] is a work-in-progress" explains BJC Creative Director Nicolas DeGrazia. "We have [been] following the games from 2007-2011 and have over 300 hours of footage going back to 2005."

In the first one Ben Shelef explains concisely how an SE works. I particularly liked the 'character introduction' because it speaks more to the 'why?' of the SE and, well, these people are real characters.

The pieces are variously entitled;

There's an opportunity for film/video interns here. BJC needs help logging the material to prepare it for editing. Anyone who is interested can contact them through their web site.
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