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PlanetSpace still plans to blast-off from Cape Breton

"PlanetSpace Inc. says it's still in the space race, even though it was passed over for a $170 million NASA [COTS] contract earlier this week.

Chairman Chirinjeev Kathuria said Wednesday that his company is still going ahead with plans to develop space tourism and a low orbit courier service from Cape Breton."

"We're going to continue on building the Silver Dart, which we're going to use for point-to-point travel or what we call international fast freight or global express, taking packages around the world in 40 minutes," he said.

"And, eventually, human transport in 40 minutes. Also, small- and medium- size satellite launches, and, you know, the space tourism part of it."

[Word is PlanetSpace is still vying for COTS2 contracts - PB-]

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