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NOVA: Space Elevator - Cheaper, Safer Than Rockets?

The NOVA scienceNOW segment on the space elevator that aired on Tuesday (January 9, 2007) is an excellent introductory explanation of what a space elevator is, carbon nanotubes, beamed power and the challenges involved in making it all come together.

My favourite quote was Neil de Grasse Tyson saying "A space Elevator can be cheaper and safer than rockets - giving routine access to the solar system."

See the 12-minute broadcast segment via:

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Liftport didn't get mentioned in the broadcast (even though Liftport Sysadmin Brian "Kilroy" Dunbar claims the elevator doors that close on Neil de Grasse Tyson in the intro are theirs) but they were well covered in a video extra as per this SpaceLF8R Journal post: Space Elevator Segment on NOVA scienceNOW (PBS)

Dr. Edwards made a brief appearance on the space elevator segment and provided answers for the Why Build IT? flash extra on the NOVA site. He is cited as being from something called Black Line Ascension. He did hint in an earlier comment on the SpaceLF8R Journal that something new was up. Stay tuned.

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