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Space Elevator Journal Turns Two (Months)

I wanted to thank the 252 visitors that generated 418 page views here on the Space Elevator Journal since November 28, 2006. It may not seem like much to some but it's better than I thought I'd do from a standing start especially considering the two weeks around the holidays when things went dead.

Call for Volunteers

The Space Elevator Search Engine (SESE) isn't doing as well and I'm note sure why. There have only been 9 queries on it in the past month despite the premium top-right placement

It's a Google Custom Search Engine that searches only the sites I index using Google Marker. As I'm surfing around researching articles for the SEJ I use marker to include sites with content relevant to the space elevator in the SESE. In time, I hope to have a comprehensive index of SE-related web content.

That's where volunteers come in. It's an impossible task keeping up with it and I could use some help. If anyone wants to volunteer to collaborate on it just click the collaboration link on the SESE home page.

Take the SESE for a spin by plugging a search term into the box above.


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