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Canada Invades the 2007 Space Elevator Competition

The early-bird registration deadline for the 2007 edition of the Elevator 2010 Space Elevator Games is tomorrow and as per the Elevator 2010 teams list 28 teams have already registered. Two in the tether competition and the remaining 26 vying for their part of the US$500K prize money in the climber segment.

The Space Elevator Competition 2007 (SEC2K7) can now truly be called a global event with 10 of the teams coming from outside of the USA. Five teams have to cross the pond to get to the as-yet unannounced location from Ruhrarea and Munich (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), Barcelona (Spain) and Tehran (Iran) and five are from Canada.

McGill Space Elevator Team (Montreal)

Associate Professor Andrew Higgins is organizing this first-year team. M-SET is looking to build a climber that approaches the minimum weight specification allowed.
Queen's Space Elevator Team (Kingston)
University of Saskatchewan Space Team (Saskatoon)

These guys are the big dogs taking first place in both 2005 and 2006. They have acquired a laser and are taking their design to the next generation.
University of Alberta Space Elevator Team (Edmonton)

Another first-time team comprised of 14 students from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering Technicians led by faculty advisor Dr Abdulhakem Elezzabi.
[No Logo Available] GTA (Toronto)

This team is registered by Ron Bakowski who competed with Punkworks last year.

The wind challenged a few of the climbers last year so this year's climber competition has a new handbook.

Spaceward Foundation's Ben Shelef says via email "The wind was indeed a problem, but didn't stop anyone from winning. We'll have it licked this year by a combination of technical and administrative rule changes."

Stayed tuned to the SEJ for team profiles and more SEC2K7 news.

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