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Open Source Radio - What to Do in Space?

"You’ve probably heard about the Mars Rover and space weapons a la China, but do you know about plans to build a space elevator? Or to mine asteroids? Do you know about the 181 things scientists hope we can accomplish by returning to the moon?"

Today's Open Source Radio show will "deal largely with the new frontiers of what some people call - private enterprise trailblazing the way forward. So adjust your antennae to think about the role of the market in space exploration."

Open Source Radio streams live at 7 PM EST, Monday-Thursday through WGBH and on XM Public Radio, channel 133. It is available via RSS or iTunes and is carried by various public radio stations around the USA. Details and links available here.

There are 39 comments in the pre-show listener discussion and no shortage of passion about space issues.


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