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Lift Port Group Out There Pitching the Space Elevator Concept

I love to see this because, where participation in rocketry is somewhat elitist by necessity, the space elevator will open space to a much larger segment of businesses and allow individual participation at a grassroots level. Space elevators hold the potential for the average person to get to space.

LiftPort Group (LPG) founder and President Michael Laine recently told the Kiwanis Club of Seattle how "the Space Elevator will be at the heart of [a] revolutionary transportation service, ... opening up broad-based access to Earth orbits and the inner solar system, LPG will help bring about the creation of entire new [space commerce] markets[that] can only become viable through safe, inexpensive, routine access to the inner solar system.

"In short, we at LiftPort Group believe that development of the space elevator is a crucial step in the future of Earth and space."

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