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Liftport Opens Space Elevator Ticket Window

LiftPort Group's ongoing efforts to improve public awareness of the lower costs of future access to space provided by the space elevator continue with the production and sale of replica 1-Ounce Space Elevator Tickets.

The tickets are done up in an old-fashioned train ticket motif evoking past frontiers and carry an image of the Mir Space Station commemorating both Mir's record for the longest continuous human presence in space and its place in history as the first space tourism destination.

The tickets are numbered in gold foil, printed on secure paper using several patented anti-counterfeiting methods and come mounted in a protective collectible-quality frame. They can be purchased at the Liftport Store for US$25.

The 1st Ticket in the series is available on E-bay paired with a stunning image depicting a futuristic cargo lifter custom designed by Nyein Aung protected by museum-quality frame and glass.

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